Abstract Submission

Please note: If you want to do a poster presentation and an oral presentation you need to hand in two single abstracts!!

Don't forget to include the following co-authors: project supervisors, anyone who helped you design the research, carry out the research, or formulate the ideas which are described in the abstract. This is especially important if this abstract describes work from a Thesis or a journal publication.
last name, first name
University; Department

Please note the following rules for submitting an abstract:

  1. All abstracts must be written in English
  2. For poster presentations a maximum of 500 words
  3. For oral presentations a minimum of 500 words and a maximum 1,000 words for oral presentations shortly outlining the aim of the study, your methodology, and results of your work
  4. Coloured figures are allowed. One image file, for example, graphs, tables or diagrams can be included in the abstract. The image file can thus have multiple figures, and/or tables. All figures and tables must have a caption
  5. Equations can be included in the text and must be numbered
  6. All figures including tables and equations need to be referenced in the text
  7. All citations need to be numbered and chronologically ordered after their appearence in the text
  8. All citations need to have a reference at the end, and all references at the end need to be cited in the text
  9. Please use the citation style APA in your list of literature

Please adopt the following structure to your abstract: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion, References

What part of geosciences would you classify your abstract as? Several selections possible.