Given recent developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak we want to inform that the IGSC 2020 organising team is carefully monitoring the situation in co-orperation with RWTH Aachen University. Currently, the IGSC 2020 will go ahead as planned, but we want to acknowledge the uncertainty for our attendees in the light of the still-developing COVID-19 outbreak. Given the present situation, we are advising all attendees of the IGSC 2020 to take out a travel insurance, should we have to cancel the conference.

Please find more information on RWTH Aachen University’s position on the COVID-19 outbreak here:

Main Theme 2020

Applied Geosciences in a Modern Society

– Acting responsibly for a sustainable future –

What is the IGSC?

The IGSC is the International Geosciences Student Conference, established in 2010. It is led by students and organised for students from all over the world majoring in various fields within geosciences focusing on topics related to energy, environment & sustainability, engineering and resources. The 9th IGSC will take place in Aachen, Germany, from July 5 to 10, 2020. The aim of the conference is to provide students with the opportunity to present their academical achievements in a professional surrounding. Networking with representatives from industry and academia and exchanging ideas with fellow students are key aspects of the IGSC 2020.




An energy transition is necessary to reduce the amount of energy produced from fossil fuels to an increase in the amount of energy produced from renewables. But one question remains: during the time of the transition, can we optimize the extraction of fossil fuels and reduce the emissions when producing and consuming them?


Numerous debates about our environment are currently ongoing. But what can we actually do? How can we reduce the impact humans have on the environment? How can we sustainably extract resources? What new technology needs to be developed and employed to safe our planet?


Science solves the mysteries of our world but how can we apply them? Engineering is a necessary area of expertise that brings solution to many problems in our modern day society, especially when we need more efficient and more economically viable technologies.


Do you use a car? Do you use a smartphone or a computer? Then, you should be aware of the tons of natural resources that this final products require. But, how will we cope with the increasing demands of new and modern needs, for example electric cars? And renewable resources? Can we develop technology to recycle the materials used in our electronic devices?